Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues

Buy now pay later catalogues are the ideal place to shop if you’re looking to buy on credit. Most of the UK’s top catalogs allow their customers who have opened a credit account to buy now and pay later. This includes electricals products, clothing items, home furniture, games, toys and so much more. When it comes to paying for the items you have purchased you are given several choices such as paying nothing for 3, 6 or 12 months. You also get to choose the period over which you pay it back as well as how often you pay, i.e. paying monthly or weekly.

Here is a list of the UK’s top catalogues with details on what each one offers in terms on credit and products as well as any discount codes that you need to enter in order to get money off your first order.

Catalogue Description Buy Now Pay Later Discount Code Get Deal
Electrical online store offering laptops, tv’s, iPad’s and more. Gimmitech provide great credit options for their customers None at this time
Fashion World is one of the UK’s top womens catalogues with great credit options including pay monthly and weekly. Spread the cost of payments over a 2 year period. Get 10% off your first order (CQHC5)
An online catalogues specialising in womens clothing and fashion. Buy now and pay later with small month repayments on items over £50 Get 10% off your first order (CQHC5)
Specialising in gifts for everyone, including electricals, toys and more. Choose to pay monthly or not at all for up to 12 months. Get 10% off your first order (CQHC5)

The benefits of paying for items monthly or weekly is that it makes purchasing expensive items easier. Buying a TV for example would usually cost you a one lump sum of around £500. Using a pay monthly payment plan you can pay it off over 12 months for just £40/month. Another benefit of choosing a finance option is that your credit rating will actually improve with each payment you make and as catalogues tend to have higher acceptance rates than say a bank, they are a great way to repair a bad credit history.

Compare catalogues which offer buy now pay later options allowing you to pay monthly and spread the cost. Below is a list of catalogues that allow you to buy on credit with the option to spread the cost by paying monthly. Some catalogues also offer 0% interest free credit for new customers.