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Bad Credit Catalogues

Having bad credit can make it difficult to manage money and spending. Some companies look down on bad credit customers as they are more of a risk when credit is offered.

We look at the best catalogue companies that are able to accept bad credit customers offering pay monthly or pay weekly offers for a range of goods. Many online retailers do not offer credit and you have to visit a store to sign up. All of the catalogues on this site feature the option of buy now pay later and pay monthly facilities.

Bad credit catalogue FAQ:
I have bad credit with a particular catalogue can I apply again?
- It is not recommended as you will more than likely get refused as catalogue stores use various methods to find out if your credit worthy. It will use its own records and credit checks to see if you are able to apply. – Try applying with another catalogue company that isn’t owned by the same group.

I have been declined for credit on numerous occasions can I still get an account?
It is unlikely that you wll get accepted. You could look on your credit file to see if you have anything that is stopping you get accepted for a credit account. Alternatively you should look at options for improving your credit worthiness before applying again.

I am a new customer and haven’t got a credit history will I be accepted?
As new customers there may not be much to check your credit history against but this should not stop you getting accepted for a credit account. Make sure you only buy what you can afford and keep up the repayments.