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Buy now pay 2012 Deals

Many of the catalogues we feature offer buy now pay next year options and this is ideal being Christmas time. Some catalogue companies offer buy now pay in 12 months there is no interest to pay in this period. If you then choose to take longer than 12 months to pay interest will become chargable and you will have to start paying off your balance each month.

Typical payments are £5 or 1/8th or 1/12th of the balance. To get buy now pay next year on anything from furniture to washing machines you can apply to any of the online stores in our top 4 as they all offer buy now pay in 12 months or you can check out the companies on this page.

Very – Offers 12 months interest free with a minimum purchase of £50. There are no set conditions just go to the site and apply.
K&Co – Offers interest free credit with no minimum spend
Isme – Interest free credit for 12 months with a purchase of over £50 (part of very & shop direct)
Littlewoods – Interest free credit and buy now pay 2012 on all purchases!

Information about buy now pay later deals

  • Buy now pay 2012 deals will need you to pass a credit check. You can tell if you will be accepted if you already have a catalogue delivered as most companies credit search before sending one.
  • Make sure that when the interest free period ends that its not near a busy or expensive time of year
  • Remember or even better make a note of when the credit period runs out so that you can pay the balance without penalty!