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Computers on Finance

You can buy now pay later on computers from a number of different retailers including Gimmitech and Littlewoods. Computers have become a necessary piece of equipment for every home, office and business. These machines help with homework, keep up with the daily tasks of a business and so much more. The internet has helped transform the computer from a word processor to the gateway for the information highway. These wonderful machines are subjected to wear and tear and eventually one may need to be replaced with a newer model. This replacement may occur at an unfortunate time and the consumer may have to find a buy now pay later computers finance option.

There are companies that will provide this finance option for people who do not have the financial means to buy a computer. A buy now pay later finance program consists of applicants securing financing through a finance company or with the company itself. They are then given a promotional period which is usually 6 months. This promotional period will give the consumer months without having to make a payment or having interest added to the balance.

PC World offers in-store credit options on computers. This financing plan gives consumers the choice to have a promotion period of either 6 or 9 months. The promotion varies and it is usually displayed in the store. After this time is over, the consumer can pay the balance off in full or spread the payment out over 3 years. A settlement fee of £25 will apply to any balances that are paid off in their entirety.

Palicomp offers various financing options and all of them are subjected to a 10% deposit. The buy now pay later computers option works in different ways depending on the promotional period that is chosen. For example, a £400 product purchased through the 6 month plan will require a £40 deposit. If the balance is paid off within 6 months, the consumer will pay £350 plus a £29 settlement fee.

Tesco Direct sells computers and home goods. They usually have clearance items that are marked down up to 50%. They also offer finance options for their customers. The financing is offered through Tesco Bank and it is only available on limited products.

Scan Computers International offer their customers the chance to buy on credit for their hardware products. They offer financing through V12 finance and the product has to cost at least £300 including VAT. A decision is usually made within 10 to 15 minutes.

Homebuy is known as the weekly payment store but they also offer the opportunity to buy now and pay later on computers. They have almost every computer available for the finance option including desktops, laptops, touchscreens and tablets. Homebuy offers consumers the option to buy computers and make weekly payments later. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

Aria PC is another company that has finance options for computers. Financing is available on orders over £300 and the deferred payment periods include 6, 9 and 12 months. The APR is typically around 30% no matter what term is selected.