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Buy Now Pay Later Credit Accounts

Credit accounts can often seem confusing with interest charges, unknown costs of borrowing and inability to know if you will be accepted until you have entered all of your information. It is wise to read up about buy now pay later credit accounts before you sign up. Entering into a credit agreement with a catalogue company such as Littlewoods or Very can be easy and effort free if you do your research before you sign up.

Things to look out for when taking out credit with a catalogue company:

- Interest Rates – Interest rates from company to company vary and so it is best to try and find the company that sells the products or services you want but with the lowest APR.

- Late Payment Charges – If you miss a payment it can be costly as most companies charge around £10-20 per missed payment which is added to your balance. If you forget or something happens you don’t want an expensive shock.

- Amount of Credit – Some companies (normally with higher interest rates) will allow you a bigger credit limit and so consider what you will need in the future as well as currently when choosing which catalogue to take out.

- Ability to get accepted – If you have bad credit or are just 18 for example, credit could be hard to come by. You can talk to catalogue companies before you apply but they will all tell you the same, that without applying it is impossible to tell if you will be accepted for a credit account.

For more information on credit accounts and individual catalogue offers check out our catalogue reviews section. We appreciate any feedback from applying for credit so it can help other potential customers so please leave a comment at the end of this article.