Buy now pay later guide

What is buy now pay later?
Sometimes called bnpl it is a payment option offered by stores who sell high end items such as electricals, designer clothing and furniture. Buy now pay later is exactly what it says, it allows you to have products immediately and pay back over time. The amount you pay depends on credit terms, interest rate, order value and other factors.

How much do I pay per week or month?
This very much depends on what the catalogue sets and how much you order. You will most likely pay interest on purchases if not settled within the interest free period typically 28 days.

You can typically see how much you repayments may be before you confirm your order online. You could also call customer services before you complete your order to run through repayments.

Who offers buy now pay later?
Around 20 catalogue companies offer buy now pay later and many other retailers also offer this service. If you are looking for a flexible payment solution or need something with 30 days of pay day then catalogue accounts are ideal.

What are the charges?
Charges and interest rates vary greatly from catalogue to catalogue and so it is best to check this before signing up. You can often get a discount initially and a period of interest free especially if you have a voucher code. Typical charges over a long term payment plan is between 18-32% which although high you pay for the flexibility of purchasing on credit.

What if I have bad or no credit?
If you have previously defaulted on catalogue debt then it may be difficult to get accepted for a buy now pay later account. The only option is to look for a store or catalogue that will accept credit adverse customers. If you pay your bills on time your credit score will return over time and is typically wiped after around 6 years. There are a number of catalogues for people with bad credit that offer buy now pay later options.

Do catalogues offers free returns?
Almost every catalogue featured on this site offer free returns for clothing and smaller items. Some items maybe excluded from this such as sofas and high delivery cost items so it is best to check with the catalogue before you buy.

Do catalogues offer free delivery?
It depends again on the catalogue and the product being ordered. Typically orders over £50 attract free delivery and free delivery but this may not apply to some items specifically electrical items or bulky purchases.