Catalogue Guide

A full guide to catalogues and catalogue shopping online. Below are the sections that will help you choose the correct catalogue for you or help you with your favourite catalogue store or online shop.

Buy Now Pay Later – If you are going to buy now and pay later you need to make sure that you will be able to pay once the free period ends as otherwise it will be chargeable and sometimes the interest is costly.
- Shop around as buy now pay later options are always changing (very, freemans, k&co, isme and a few others are the best at the moment!)
- Check what the conditions are as Freemans gives 12 months interest free if your balance reaches £500.
- Spend what you can afford but sometimes interest free credit is only applied to the first 6 or 12 months and so it is best to get purchases all at once or choose products from different catalogue companies.

Pay Monthly – Spreading the cost can be ideal especially if it is a busy time of year the tips I can offer are:
- Look for the option to get buy now pay later where possible or if your prefer to pay monthly check to see if payments are interest free. (K&Co offer interest free on all purchases for 12 months)
- Find out the re payments before you signup as this will help you budget per month and allow you to get the most out of your catalogue shopping experience.

Delivery & Returns – Many catalogues offer free delivery and free returns to keep up with other retailers and attract customers. It is important to check with the catalogue company before you buy as some items such as furnitures or big electricals may come with a charge or may not be returned.

Discounts – All of the catalogues we compare offer discounts for new orders however for existing customers there are limited discount options available. We suggest purchasing more expensive goods on a new catalogue account for a company you may not have used before to get the best value. (Obviously compare to other prices without discount as sometimes a product may still be cheaper at your regular catalogue company).

Payment protection / insurance -  In our opinion this is not worth taking out as it can be done elsewhere cheaper. It is probably best to check this out yourself.

Selection of products – Online stores have a much bigger selection than traditional catalogues but that does not mean they will be suited to your requirements. Some stores only offer fashion, some offer fashion and a small range of other products and some stores like very, littlewoods, freemans and k&co offer a full selection from electricals, furniture, fashion and more.

Fashion and style -Depending on whether your a man, woman as well as what age group really does depend on what catalogue would be most suited to you. We have a full range of guides here.

Catalogue customer service – Customer services are important especially when there is no shop to walk into. All of the major catalogue companies in the uk have easy phone and email contact and generally open very reasonable times. Email or live support are the best ways to deal with smaller less urgent problems as more detail can be included without having to wait on the phone.

- Before calling a catalogue company make sure you have a list of questions, order number and or any login details they may require. Make sure you have details of dates if it is in relation to a delivery or return.
- If you have a complaint call and follow up with an email or letter. A complaint in writing can often work in the customers favour.
- If your not happy don’t be afraid of asking for something in return such as money off your next order or other form of compensation.

Top 3 catalogues – We have favourite catalogues and not all catalogues cater for everyone but our top 3 based on the criteria above are:
1 –
2 – K&Co
3 – Littlewoods