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April 10, 2012 Category :Catalogues 0

When your preferred online retailer does not offer a payment plan that works within your budget, catalogues buy now pay later options provide a manageable method to purchase the merchandise that you need or want. Catalogues which offer credit options might be less prevalent than they once were due to the ease of access that online shopping offers, but there are still numerous retailers who offer such catalogues. Knowing which retailers offer finance options gives shoppers more purchasing power to buy the items you need without having to clear out your bank account or search the sofa cushions for loose change.

There are many popular retailers that have a credit catalogue, and many of these same retailers offer promotional codes that give discounts or extend the interest free period. Retailers that offer this sort of catalogue include Woolworths, Littlewoods, and many more. Given the wide variety of retailers that offer this sort of catalogue, it is possible to find almost any item you want without having to pay the full cost up front. The conditions of the buy now pay later plan may differ across retailers, so be sure to check on their websites before making a purchase so you know exactly what sort of payments you are expected to make and when you are expected to pay them.

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you are more financially privileged and other times where spending a couple hundred euros is much more difficult. Buying on credit is a great way to still get the things you need if you are temporarily strapped for cash. Buy the things you need now, and pay for them later after you have already paid for your other necessities.


April 4, 2012 Category :Catalogues 0

Misco offers a buy now pay later option for all purchases over £280, including VAT. This plan allows customers the option to pay for electrical purchases over a period of time. This is an easy alternative to using credit cards. Misco offers 6 and 12 month promotional offers. This means no payment will be required for 6 months or 1 year and no interest will accrue on the balance of the purchase. The consumer will not have to wait long to see if they are approved for the finance option or not. A decision can be made online in less than one minute.

All prospective applicants must meet certain criteria before they are approved for the Misco credit account. The applicant must be over the age of 18 and younger than 75 years old. Full time employment or a retired income is a requirement for all applicants who wish to apply for the program. Applicants must have lived in the United Kingdom for at least 3 years. Consumers have to be able to make monthly payments through Direct Debit. Two forms of ID are needed and can include a passport, an electric bill or a driver’s license.

It is easy to start the application process for the Misco credit account. The first thing a consumer must do is look on Misco’s website to see what products have the flexible finance logo. Then, the consumer will need to decide which products they would like to order and add these items to their online shopping cart. The total cost of these items must be at least £280 and that includes VAT. The consumer will then proceed to the checkout and select the finance option on the web page. By selecting buy now pay later, it will let Misco know the preferred payment option. The consumer will then be asked to fill out the credit application and to supply a credit or debit card number for a deposit. Decisions are usually made within one minute.

After the consumer has been approved, they will have to sign an agreement to secure the financing for the purchase. A hard copy can be mailed to the applicant. When the signed paperwork has been returned to the finance company, they will notify Misco and they will ship the order out to the consumer. Misco is a reputable company with a stellar record of providing excellent products and great customer service. They offer consumers a way to buy the products they want without any upfront costs.

Misco is a company that conducts business in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. They resell IT equipment and most of the sales are made from schools, businesses, and the public sector. Misco was founded in the United States and established the first European interest in Italy, then the United Kingdom and finally in Germany in 1985. Misco has earned numerous customer service awards and they are known worldwide as a leading IT company.

Buy Now Pay Later Credit Accounts

January 12, 2012 Category :Catalogues 0

Credit accounts can often seem confusing with interest charges, unknown costs of borrowing and inability to know if you will be accepted until you have entered all of your information. It is wise to read up about buy now pay later credit accounts before you sign up. Entering into a credit agreement with a catalogue company such as Littlewoods or Very can be easy and effort free if you do your research before you sign up.

Things to look out for when taking out credit with a catalogue company:

- Interest Rates – Interest rates from company to company vary and so it is best to try and find the company that sells the products or services you want but with the lowest APR.

- Late Payment Charges – If you miss a payment it can be costly as most companies charge around £10-20 per missed payment which is added to your balance. If you forget or something happens you don’t want an expensive shock.

- Amount of Credit – Some companies (normally with higher interest rates) will allow you a bigger credit limit and so consider what you will need in the future as well as currently when choosing which catalogue to take out.

- Ability to get accepted – If you have bad credit or are just 18 for example, credit could be hard to come by. You can talk to catalogue companies before you apply but they will all tell you the same, that without applying it is impossible to tell if you will be accepted for a credit account.

For more information on credit accounts and individual catalogue offers check out our catalogue reviews section. We appreciate any feedback from applying for credit so it can help other potential customers so please leave a comment at the end of this article.

Christmas Shopping Catalogues

November 14, 2011 Category :Catalogues 0

Christmas is a busy and expensive time for all especially if there are lots of people to buy presents for, not to mention the organisation required for food, transport, decorations and a whole lot more. Online shopping in recent years has taken away some of that burden, just like catalogues did before online shopping.

Christmas shopping catalogues come in both paper versions delivered to your home and online. The key benefits of ordering from a Christmas catalogue is the ability to choose from your own home, get free delivery, avoid the crowds and most importantly buy now pay later. Spreading the cost at Christmas time can ease the stress and worry of giving everyone a good time.

Catalogues that offer Christmas goodies include:

- Very.co.uk
- Littlewoods
- K&Co

All of the above catalogues offer pay monthly, pay on credit and buy now pay later catalogue options. The catalogues, very, k&co and littlewoods also all currently have 3 for 2 deals for Christmas 2011. A great range of all types of gifts as you can see in their various tv adverts can be found online with a larger choice than the catalogue versions.

Buy now pay 2012 Deals

November 4, 2011 Category :Catalogues 0

Many of the catalogues we feature offer buy now pay next year options and this is ideal being Christmas time. Some catalogue companies offer buy now pay in 12 months there is no interest to pay in this period. If you then choose to take longer than 12 months to pay interest will become chargable and you will have to start paying off your balance each month.

Typical payments are £5 or 1/8th or 1/12th of the balance. To get buy now pay next year on anything from furniture to washing machines you can apply to any of the online stores in our top 4 as they all offer buy now pay in 12 months or you can check out the companies on this page.

Very – Offers 12 months interest free with a minimum purchase of £50. There are no set conditions just go to the site and apply.
K&Co – Offers interest free credit with no minimum spend
Isme – Interest free credit for 12 months with a purchase of over £50 (part of very & shop direct)
Littlewoods – Interest free credit and buy now pay 2012 on all purchases!

Information about buy now pay later deals

  • Buy now pay 2012 deals will need you to pass a credit check. You can tell if you will be accepted if you already have a catalogue delivered as most companies credit search before sending one.
  • Make sure that when the interest free period ends that its not near a busy or expensive time of year
  • Remember or even better make a note of when the credit period runs out so that you can pay the balance without penalty!

Catalogues Next Day Delivery

October 31, 2011 Category :Catalogues 0

Catalogues often offer next day delivery if ordered before a certain time. Some online catalogue stores charge for quicker delivery but there are several that offer same price or free next day delivery if ordered before 3pm. It is worth checking our other article about catalogue returns to give you an idea of the best companies to buy from.

Next Day Delivery Catalogues:
Very – Next day delivery on orders made before 6pm
Littlewoods – Free next day delivery and free returns
K & C0 – Free returns, free next day deliver

The stores above all offer next day delivery where possible and almost all catalogues will deliver within 3 days of ordering. If it is a busy time of the year or there are catalogue sales on it is recommended you call to check before ordering if you need your goods in a rush.

Catalogue Returns – What you need to know

October 20, 2011 Category :Catalogues 0

Catalogues have various rules and regulations when it comes to returning products that don’t fit or if you just don’t want them. Many catalogues offer “free” returns but again this depends on the type of product.

Below is a list of catalogues along side their returns policy:
Avon – Free Returns with label enclosed with your order
Bargain Crazy – Pay for own returns unless it was fault of theres – £3.99 to return to local store
Boden – Free return upto 3 months later – No Quibble (Our Champion Retailer for Returns)
Daxon – Free returns with courier pickup
Freemans – Returns via the post office are free
Isme – Free returns – Easy returns policy
K & Co – Free returns – 14 days to return
Littlewoods – Free returns within 14 days
Next Directory – Need to login to arrange a return
Tesco Direct – Call to arrange a collection or take to a tesco store
Very – Easy free returns – simple to find on the very.co.uk site

How to return a catalogue purchase?

This depends greatly on the catalogue and it could be as simple as sticking the label to the front of the parcel and posting it back.

Calling to arrange a return is the norm so that the catalogue company know its coming back. Other ways include taking it to the post office and they print out a label. Alternatively you may be able to print a returns label online.

Which companies have the best returns policy?

K & co, Very, Littlewoods and boden have the best returns policies but it depends greatly on the type of product ordered as some catalogues have restrictions on what can be returned especially if its not faulty or the wrong item.

Please help us keep this site upto date:

If you have any comments about the returns policies of the catalogues mentioned then get in touch. The information in this post was correct at time of publication but many online catalogues may change there policy without notice and so its recommended that you check the individual sites for details.

Freemans Flex Account Overview

October 17, 2011 Category :Catalogues 0

Freemans catalogue offers buy now pay later options to its customers through its flex account.The flex account allows customers to buy products and spread the cost as well as take perks such as months without payment or minimum payment breaks.

The freemans flex account is ideal for customers who want the ability to pay off their balance whenever and however they like. To find out more visit our catalogue review page where you can see every catalogues payment terms and interest free payment options.

The flex account from Freemans is designed to give a variety of options to credit customers. The options are as follows:
- Pay off 5% minimum of your balance in any given month you choose (interest applies)
- Pay no interest for the first 12 months if your account is at over £500 balance
- Spread the cost over 5 months for purchases under £500 and over 12 months for purchases over £500.

You can work out a hyperthetical balance by going to the freemans calculator. The freemans payment calculator is a great way of working out what you will pay based on what you want to order. As far as we are aware its one of the only calculators for online catalogue shops out there.

If you are unsure about what all the options mean you can call freemans from their website or send them an email.

Bad Credit Catalogues

October 13, 2011 Category :Catalogues 0

Having bad credit can make it difficult to manage money and spending. Some companies look down on bad credit customers as they are more of a risk when credit is offered.

We look at the best catalogue companies that are able to accept bad credit customers offering pay monthly or pay weekly offers for a range of goods. Many online retailers do not offer credit and you have to visit a store to sign up. All of the catalogues on this site feature the option of buy now pay later and pay monthly facilities.

Bad credit catalogue FAQ:
I have bad credit with a particular catalogue can I apply again?
- It is not recommended as you will more than likely get refused as catalogue stores use various methods to find out if your credit worthy. It will use its own records and credit checks to see if you are able to apply. – Try applying with another catalogue company that isn’t owned by the same group.

I have been declined for credit on numerous occasions can I still get an account?
It is unlikely that you wll get accepted. You could look on your credit file to see if you have anything that is stopping you get accepted for a credit account. Alternatively you should look at options for improving your credit worthiness before applying again.

I am a new customer and haven’t got a credit history will I be accepted?
As new customers there may not be much to check your credit history against but this should not stop you getting accepted for a credit account. Make sure you only buy what you can afford and keep up the repayments.

Interest Free Catalogues

September 28, 2011 Category :Catalogues 0

The interest free credit option is often the main reason to buy from catalogues and there are plenty of options available for customers who wish to spread the cost without paying interest on their purchases.

Interest Free options are often available to new customers and are subject to credit check and the amount ordered. To get the best interest free period overall you should look to settle your account around the 28 days after ordering as most catalogue companies offer this as standard. (Please check small print for each catalogue company)

List of Catalogue offers with Interest Free credit:

  • Very.co.uk
  • Littlewoods (12 months for orders over £50)