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Pay Monthly Xbox 360

August 22, 2012 Category :Electricals 0

During this day and age everyone has or wants to have an xbox. Those who do not have one usually do not have one because they cannot afford to pay the full price of one all at once. However, stores such as Argos have been able to put an end to this for the customers who qualify by introducing their xbox pay monthly option to customers. The pay monthly xbox option – as the name hints – is designed to allow people to have their xbox when they need it and pay off the balance over a certain amount of months in the form of monthly payments.

Buying electronics through online stores is something that many people find comes along with a lot of benefits and surprisingly it is very easy for one to qualify for the pay monthly box option as well. One of the most obvious benefits of taking this route when it comes getting the xbox that you desire is the fact that you are able to get your xbox a whole lot quicker than you would if you had to save up the money for the entire price first. Second, since you are purchasing the electronic on credit you will be affecting your credit rating in a positive way which makes this the perfect option for those who have little to no credit established.

Overall, there are so many benefits that come along with the xbox pay monthly plan. You are not only getting the xbox when you want it but you are also getting so many other benefits that will be sure to be very rewarding in the long run. The main thing that you will want to remember, however, is to make sure that you pay at least your minimum balance due on time every month.


June 11, 2012 Category :Electricals 0

The buy now pay later comet payment option gives you the allowance to make great buys in home appliances and electronics. Comet is a major dealer in household appliances and you will find laundry machines, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and kitchen appliances. Electronics of all kind are also on offer; TVs, Blurays, DVDs, cameras, camcorders, SatNavs, mobile phones, Ipods, games and consoles, health and beauty items are all in stock. This is definitely a place to go for your electronic needs. Some equipment does not come cheap however. A 10.1 cubic feet integrated fridge and freezer will set you back £1299. With the buy now pay later option, you can buy it and breathe easy.

If you’re looking to buy a new computer or any other electrical item then shop online and on credit from Gimmitech. They provide fantastic finance options to their customers as well as offering great deals on laptops, TV’s, the new iPad and even appliances like fridges, freezers and cookers.

Buy now pay later with Comet
The comet buy now pay later payment option allows you to keep an item for a promotional 6 months after which you can settle it in cash or opt to spread the cost further. There are no payments done during this period and no interest is charged on the cost. There is no backdating at the end of the period. A 10% deposit will be needed at the purchase of the item. If you can settle the amount in cash at the end of the promotional period, only £25 will be added to the remaining balance. The minimum amount allowed for the buy now pay later option to apply is £299. If settling the amount in full is not possible, you are allowed to spread the cost for 36 months.

Spreading the cost
The cost of an item can be spread over 36 months. Taking the £299 amount for example, payment over 36 months will come to about £11 per month. These monthly instalments are definitely within reach of many shoppers. The applicable APR when spreading the cost is 24.9%. This is definitely a money saver.

Computers on Finance

March 26, 2012 Category :Electricals 0

You can buy now pay later on computers from a number of different retailers including Gimmitech and Littlewoods. Computers have become a necessary piece of equipment for every home, office and business. These machines help with homework, keep up with the daily tasks of a business and so much more. The internet has helped transform the computer from a word processor to the gateway for the information highway. These wonderful machines are subjected to wear and tear and eventually one may need to be replaced with a newer model. This replacement may occur at an unfortunate time and the consumer may have to find a buy now pay later computers finance option.

There are companies that will provide this finance option for people who do not have the financial means to buy a computer. A buy now pay later finance program consists of applicants securing financing through a finance company or with the company itself. They are then given a promotional period which is usually 6 months. This promotional period will give the consumer months without having to make a payment or having interest added to the balance.

PC World offers in-store credit options on computers. This financing plan gives consumers the choice to have a promotion period of either 6 or 9 months. The promotion varies and it is usually displayed in the store. After this time is over, the consumer can pay the balance off in full or spread the payment out over 3 years. A settlement fee of £25 will apply to any balances that are paid off in their entirety.

Palicomp offers various financing options and all of them are subjected to a 10% deposit. The buy now pay later computers option works in different ways depending on the promotional period that is chosen. For example, a £400 product purchased through the 6 month plan will require a £40 deposit. If the balance is paid off within 6 months, the consumer will pay £350 plus a £29 settlement fee.

Tesco Direct sells computers and home goods. They usually have clearance items that are marked down up to 50%. They also offer finance options for their customers. The financing is offered through Tesco Bank and it is only available on limited products.

Scan Computers International offer their customers the chance to buy on credit for their hardware products. They offer financing through V12 finance and the product has to cost at least £300 including VAT. A decision is usually made within 10 to 15 minutes.

Homebuy is known as the weekly payment store but they also offer the opportunity to buy now and pay later on computers. They have almost every computer available for the finance option including desktops, laptops, touchscreens and tablets. Homebuy offers consumers the option to buy computers and make weekly payments later. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

Aria PC is another company that has finance options for computers. Financing is available on orders over £300 and the deferred payment periods include 6, 9 and 12 months. The APR is typically around 30% no matter what term is selected.

Pay Monthly Ipad 2

February 16, 2012 Category :Electricals 0

Pay Monthly ipad 2 deals when you buy now and pay later at one of the UK’s online shopping catalogues. The Apple iPad 2 is one of the most popular electronic devices on the market today. After revolutionizing the smartphone market with the iPhone, Apple introduced the iPad and took over the market for tablet computers. The iPad 2, the successor to the original iPad, took the tablet computer market to new heights, becoming one of the most desired personal electronics devices in the world.

Buy the Ipad 2 on Credit at any of these online Catalogues Stores
Gimmitech – Shop Now

Like most of Apple’s products, the iPad 2 comes with a premium price tag. Apple manufactures the iPad 2 with two different amounts of memory, 32 GB and 64 GB. The device comes in two colours, black and white, and is available with or without 3G mobile connectivity. Depending on the model and features in which you are interested, the cost of an iPad 2 can range from around ₤450 to almost ₤850. This constitutes a major purchase for almost any person or household. If you have your heart set on an iPad 2, but do not think you can afford such a major purchase all at one time, consider buying your iPad 2 on credit.

Where to Buy an iPad 2 on Credit
Once you’ve decided to buy your iPad 2 on credit, start considering where to purchase. While you could simply walk into a retail electronics store and purchase the iPad with a consumer credit card, that may not be the best option. It may not even be an option for you if your credit is not good enough to obtain a credit card.

Instead, consider using the buy now, pay later option offered by various catalogues. These catalogues, available to UK consumers both in print and online, offer a wide variety of electricals, including the iPad 2. However, many of them also offer the iPad 2 as on online exclusive, so you will not be able to purchase it if you buy only through the print version of the catalogue. Some of the catalogs that currently offer the iPad 2 include K&Co. and Littlewoods. Each catalog offers several different versions of the device.

Ipad on Credit
Whether you use a consumer credit card or a retailer’s buy now, pay later system, credit purchases always have certain aspects in common. For one thing, you will have to pay interest on your purchase. Interest is a fee the credit company charges you for what is essentially a loan. Different creditors extend different interest rates, and your interest rate may depend on your credit history.

Some catalogue retailers offer an interest-free grace period of up to a year on buy now, pay later purchases. However, buy now pay later purchases that are not paid off by the end of the interest-free grace period often accrue interest at an extremely high annual percentage rate — as much as 34.9%. Keep this in mind when shopping for an iPad on credit, and make sure that you can afford the payments and pay off the balance in a timely manner to avoid enormous interest charges.


October 13, 2011 Category :Electricals 0

Electronics such as Tv’s and games consoles have long been quite an expensive purchase and so it makes sense for companies to allow them to be bought on finance however in recent times many high street shops have stopped or altered how you can get credit to buy electrical goods.

Online stores have capitalised on the buy now pay later market and we show you the online stores that will allow you to get a new tv, ps3, xbox and more for 12 months interest free or upto 3 years to pay for the items.

Ps3 on buy now pay later
Very – Good product range – 12 months interest free over £50 spend
Littlewoods – Bundle deals on ps3 available with finance
K&co – Latest ps3 releases – Pay weekly options

Xbox on buy now pay later
Very – Xbox deals with interest free credit
Littlewoods – Xbox bundles from £3.56 a week
K&co – Large xbox games and consoles range

Tv’s and all other home entertainment
K&co – 40 inch tvs from £4.81 a week
Freemans – 51 inch 3D tv from just £9.46 a week
PC World Finance – Good offers but finance is not ideal for Bad Credit

White good such as Fridges / Freezers and Washing machines
Very – Good selection + Credit options available
Littlewoods – Options from £3.50 a week with littlewoods finance

Laptops on Finance
Littlewoods – Great offers on tablets and laptops with free delivery and returns if its not right
K&Co – Good selection and 12 months interest free on orders over £60