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Freemans Flex Account Overview

Freemans catalogue offers buy now pay later options to its customers through its flex account.The flex account allows customers to buy products and spread the cost as well as take perks such as months without payment or minimum payment breaks.

The freemans flex account is ideal for customers who want the ability to pay off their balance whenever and however they like. To find out more visit our catalogue review page where you can see every catalogues payment terms and interest free payment options.

The flex account from Freemans is designed to give a variety of options to credit customers. The options are as follows:
- Pay off 5% minimum of your balance in any given month you choose (interest applies)
- Pay no interest for the first 12 months if your account is at over £500 balance
- Spread the cost over 5 months for purchases under £500 and over 12 months for purchases over £500.

You can work out a hyperthetical balance by going to the freemans calculator. The freemans payment calculator is a great way of working out what you will pay based on what you want to order. As far as we are aware its one of the only calculators for online catalogue shops out there.

If you are unsure about what all the options mean you can call freemans from their website or send them an email.