K & Co Catalogue Review

For those of you that are unaware of this shopper’s paradise, the unique name K & Co was created by buying shopping outlets like Kays, Great Universal and the Empire Stores in 2011. With over a century of home shopping experience, K& Co can never go wrong when it comes to wooing their customers!

Some of the features that set K & Co apart from any other shopping store are their unique concepts that are designed to win more buyers. K & Co is proud of its heritage and they always use their expertise to design offers that can never go wrong. Some of their ideas include discarding the ‘one size fits all’ approach, coming up with a convenient weekly payment plan for their customers and launching their rewards program.

Let’s view these ideas one by one.  K & Co believes that people come in all different shapes and sizes, so they keep clothes in the range from 6-36 (UK size). By having such a broad range, K & Co ensures that there are clothes for everyone who wishes to shop. K & Co showcases one of the renowned brands Savoir Redefined known for designing plus size elegant clothing that flatters your body shape and provides you with the much needed comfort. K & Co provides their customers with the flexibility of spreading their shopping bill over a period of time and making a weekly payment. These payments are even interest free!! All you have to do is open a K-Account with K & Co. K & Co also has a very customer friendly delivery system which means delivering their parcel at a time that’s convenient to them.

Last but not the least is one of the most innovative ideas that K & Co has conceived is their Dynamic Reward Program. One automatically initiates the reward program and becomes a silver card member once he or she opens a credit account with the store. After this, one can earn 5% rewards on any purchase worth £20 or more. (Now that’s not a difficult target at all). Another interesting feature about the reward is that you get an upgrade from silver to gold (7.5% reward) and subsequently from gold to platinum (10% reward) if one shops regularly. It also means that if you don’t shop regularly, you will get degraded to a lower level which means lower reward points. K & Co makes the whole reward program simple for their customers by enabling customers to redeem their reward points online and sending regular monthly reward statements to their accounts.

K & Co has a website that not only tells you all the products that are on display, but it is replete with information that you need while choosing your product. At K & Co, the importance of ‘right fit’ is always emphasized. K & Co has even put up various videos that describe the ladies how to go for clothes that give you the best fit and at the same time enhance your personality. This also holds true for lingerie and other intimate items. K & Co also has online crossword puzzles and Sudoku’s that you can solve while browsing their catalogues online. To summarize, all your shopping needs can be fulfilled just by going to their website and clicking a few buttons.