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Misco offers a buy now pay later option for all purchases over £280, including VAT. This plan allows customers the option to pay for electrical purchases over a period of time. This is an easy alternative to using credit cards. Misco offers 6 and 12 month promotional offers. This means no payment will be required for 6 months or 1 year and no interest will accrue on the balance of the purchase. The consumer will not have to wait long to see if they are approved for the finance option or not. A decision can be made online in less than one minute.

All prospective applicants must meet certain criteria before they are approved for the Misco credit account. The applicant must be over the age of 18 and younger than 75 years old. Full time employment or a retired income is a requirement for all applicants who wish to apply for the program. Applicants must have lived in the United Kingdom for at least 3 years. Consumers have to be able to make monthly payments through Direct Debit. Two forms of ID are needed and can include a passport, an electric bill or a driver’s license.

It is easy to start the application process for the Misco credit account. The first thing a consumer must do is look on Misco’s website to see what products have the flexible finance logo. Then, the consumer will need to decide which products they would like to order and add these items to their online shopping cart. The total cost of these items must be at least £280 and that includes VAT. The consumer will then proceed to the checkout and select the finance option on the web page. By selecting buy now pay later, it will let Misco know the preferred payment option. The consumer will then be asked to fill out the credit application and to supply a credit or debit card number for a deposit. Decisions are usually made within one minute.

After the consumer has been approved, they will have to sign an agreement to secure the financing for the purchase. A hard copy can be mailed to the applicant. When the signed paperwork has been returned to the finance company, they will notify Misco and they will ship the order out to the consumer. Misco is a reputable company with a stellar record of providing excellent products and great customer service. They offer consumers a way to buy the products they want without any upfront costs.

Misco is a company that conducts business in Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. They resell IT equipment and most of the sales are made from schools, businesses, and the public sector. Misco was founded in the United States and established the first European interest in Italy, then the United Kingdom and finally in Germany in 1985. Misco has earned numerous customer service awards and they are known worldwide as a leading IT company.